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Amethyst - Stress Relief & Guidance

Amethyst - Stress Relief & Guidance

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Amethyst meaning: What are the properties of the crystal? | The US Sun

Crystal: Amethyst

Power of Peace: Intuition, stress relief, guidance.

Relax more and lower the negative energy. This necklace will help you through any stressful time in your life.

Stops the small voices in your head that bring you negative thoughts. Life is short.

Enjoy it and don't forget to have fun... while you can!

Taking things too emotionally tends to destroy them: be it relationships or work. Thanks to this necklace, you can see things in a calm state of mind, as if you already know that everything will be fine, making you more calm.

Grab a necklace when you're stressed.

Breathe in, close your eyes, and remember that life is more magical than you think.

Details: 1.5 inch natural stone with 17 inch stainless steel chain.

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