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Carnelian - Become Fatal and Irresistible

Carnelian - Become Fatal and Irresistible

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Carnelian | Learn more about this stone | WHITE bIRD

Crystal: Carnelian

Power of the Bad B*tch: Extreme Attraction, Love, Motivation Get Ready to Be Irresitible 🔥

This necklace is a game changer. It will unleash The Bad B*tch within you✨ This necklace is here to spice up your love life. But unlike rose quartz, it attracts literally everyone, not just who you want.

Carnelian is well known thanks to social media and all the crazy stories you share wearing this magic crystal

Are you dating someone? Restore romance. Carnelian is here to unlock the potential that is already within you. It's essentially a shortcut to your inner fire - and it gives you everything you need to succeed.

Details: 1.3 inch carnelian 17 inch stainless steel chain.

One size fits all

Carnelian is a powerful stone. We don't want this necklace to be worn indiscriminately, but only to those who know its power. Use it wisely.

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