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Crystal Sphere Necklace

Crystal Sphere Necklace

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These crystals have been polished into a spherical shape. The roundness of the crystal symbolizes a sense of wholeness and karma. "What goes around comes around"

This spherical shape helps to send the crystals' vibrations in all directions and keep the energy flow moving.

This necklace is also the perfect crystal tool to be used as a focal point for meditation.

The cord can be adjusted to your desired length to stay comfortable all day!

Crystal options:

    • Amethyst: Protection • Meditation • Calming 
    • Aventurine: Harmony • Balance • De-Stress • Calm

    • Black Onyx: Strength • Learning • Confidence • Protection • Grounding

    • Gold Obsidian: Manifesting • Emotional healing • Protection • Repel negativity

    • Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom • Confidence • Intuition • Self-awareness

    • Lava rock: Grounding • Strength • Courage • Calm

    • Moss Agate: Prosperity • Success • Restoration • Strength

    • Rhodonite:  Compassion Emotional Balance • Love • Balance

    • Smoky Cloud Quartz: Grounding •  Root Chakra • Focus • Repels negativity

    • Tiger Eye: Protection • Mood Lifting • Balance • Good Luck


    Note: We use natural crystals so each piece will be unique. As with all natural crystals, colors may vary from photos.

    Crystal sphere Size: .63 inches / 1.6 cm 

    Necklace length: Approx.  16.92 inches / 43 cm adjustable


    30 Day Money Back Guarantee: We are so confident that you will love our crystals that we will refund your order if you're not satisfied for any reason.
    100% Traceable: Tracking number for every order.
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